DB Performing Arts

DB Performing Arts' Staff

Dorothy (Dot) Koch, with her beginnings as child film actress and songstress, has branded her own stamp on careers in teaching, acting, directing, coaching, casting, music and as a talent agent.

Dot is in demand as a group and private coach in voice, acting, piano, adjudication and much more.

Brian Koch is a partner in DB Performing Arts, Personal Development Instructor and certified instructor in safety and industrial equipment. He is also the in-studio videographer and photographer. Brian brings wonderful components to the world of performance at DB Performing Arts.

Barb VandenEykel has been acting and teaching acting for over twenty years. She believes in the teaching techniques created by DB Performing Arts: fostering a better lifestyle and learning from acting; and uses these credos in her own classes. Barb teaches from ages seven to eighty seven and draws on her extensive experience from working in stage, film, television and radio.

Janice Bannister Janice Bannister has performed at the Vancouver International Comedy Festival, Vancouver and Seattle Comedy Clubs and numerous conferences and events. She is the winner of the Funniest New Female and the Comics with a Day Job. Janice also produces comedy fundraisers for conferences and events.